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Nestled within “Take Ur Seat” in Chino Hills and Ontario, +Bake crafts a symphony of desserts that bridge the best of Eastern and Western flavors. Dive into our curated world of delectable pastries and discover tales of passion, tradition, and innovation with every bite.

Been baking since 2013

+Bake's cookies are sooo delicious! Whenever I visit Take Ur Seat, I don't leave without taking home the s'mores cookie and the ube toffee cookies. Simply AH-MAZING and hits the sweet spot every time.


Oh. My. YUM! 🍪 Just popped into Take Ur Seat and did you know that they have a baking line called, “+Bake.” And guys, it's officially my new sweet-tooth sanctuary! Had the basque ube cheesecake and it’s like my taste buds threw a party and everyone was invited. 🎉 The fusion of flavors? Mind-blowing. Already planning my next visit and bringing everyone with me. See you soon, +Bake! 😍🧁✨


Had a taste of +Bake recently and wow! The s’mores cookie is like the best memory from childhood, but even better. Crunchy outside, soft inside. And that Ube Toffee Cookie? Imagine the best dance your taste buds ever had. Ube and toffee just work so well together. Oh, and if you like silky desserts, you’ve got to try the Lychee Jewel Panna Cotta. Such a cool and unique flavor. It’s soft but bold and also refreshing!.

Alex T.

Meet the Baker

So Sweet, So Good, Sure to Bring Smiles

Hi friends, I’m Felicia, the baker behind +Bake, a delightful sub-brand of Take Ur Seat. Together with my husband Rico and our children Nicole and Gregory, we cherish family moments in our kitchen. Motherhood in 2006 ignited my culinary passion, leading to homemade cookies, cherished Asian flavors, and baking adventures. 

In 2019, I joined Take Ur Seat, honing skills under Chef Paul and creating desserts like Mango Passion Fruit Trifle. Now, as +Bake’s founder, I spread joy through innovative baked goods, fostering community and connections. Each treat is an invitation to share love, unity, and the joy of excellent dessert.

Fresh Ingredients

Our Ingredients

Feel the Butter, All Time


A luscious cookie with roasted marshmallow – crispy on the outside but “ooey gooey” in the middle.

Ube Toffee Cookies

A fragrant ube cookie dough, mixed-in with homemade toffee crunch and topped with toasted coconut crumble. It is a balance of sweet, toasty, and nutty – truly ube goodness.

Walnut Sea Salt Cookies

A chocolaty and chewy textured cookie with an extra note from the sprinkles of sea salt.

Mini Choc Chip Cookies

Bite-sized chocolate chip cookies that deliver a flavorful classic. Great for sharing or on the go in a pre packaged cup.

Blueberry Muffin With Butter Crumble

Soft and tender muffin with a crunchy butter crumble top and blueberries inside.

Mango Passion Fruit Panna Cotta

A delicious twist on the Italian dessert. A refreshing mango layer cream, puree, and fresh fruit.

Lychee Jewel Panna Cotta

A refreshing summer dessert – a silky milk pudding topped with lychee and “jewel” jelly.

Basque Cheesecake (Original or ube)

Crustless burnt cheesecake  with caramelized top and meltingly smooth creamy interior.

plusbake - dessert - pannacotta
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Smores Cookie
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Baked Selection

For Everlasting Moments and Taste

At +Bake, each dessert is a whispered invitation into a moment of stillness, of deep appreciation for the craft and narrative behind every bite. It’s more than just sugar and dough; it’s an expression of history, of passion, and of a commitment to beauty in the everyday. So come, take a moment with us. Taste, savor, and let the essence of our baked creations draw you into a deeper narrative.


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