Our Story

For as long as we can remember, there has always been something special about hanging out at the kitchen counter with family and friends. The amazing aroma from the stove, the laughter, and the fun seemed to make the food taste even better. This has been our experience since we moved to America. There were times when life wasn’t easy, but we always had each other – and together is a beautiful place to be.

our story

We have always shared this experience with everyone that God has brought into our lives throughout the years. It was our dream to create a space where people get to enjoy family while having delicious food.

And now, we invite y’all to come to the table and Take Ur Seat!

The owners

Michael and Mira

What’s good fam? We’re Michael and Mira Obadja, your hosts at Take Ur Seat. Life’s been an amazing ride since we tied the knot in 2006. Our two wonderful kids, Mika and Malakai, make our family – the M&M’s and the mini M&M’s.

We’ve had the privilege of serving our community at Abbalove Church since 2004 – sharing love, care, and friendship. Now to us, hospitality isn’t just an industry. For us, it’s a lifestyle steeped in love and sharing. We believe it’s a reflection of God’s own love, showing His idea of family to the world.

The dream of Take Ur Seat was birthed right at our kitchen counter, where countless friends, neighbors, and even strangers have pulled up a chair. We shared food, laughter, and stories. They walked in as guests but walked out as family.

This is what we want for you at Take Ur Seat – we want you to feel welcomed, loved, and at home. We’re eager to meet you, share our journey with you, and hear your story. So pull up a chair, let’s break bread together! We can’t wait to hang out with you and make memories together at Take Ur Seat.

Herry and Deb

Hi friends! I’m Herry Tarigan, a proud husband to my best friend, Deb, for over 19 years, and father to our four amazing children. Our life has been a journey across continents, from founding internet cafes in our youth in Indonesia to creating a fulfilling life in the United States. When we moved stateside in 2001, we ventured back into education, and that journey led us to rewarding careers in the medical field. Despite that, the entrepreneurial spark never faded. In 2008, we ventured into the industrial equipment business, later broadening our portfolio to include real estate, which honed our understanding of business and community building.

Our entrepreneurial journey has always been intertwined with our spiritual calling. In 2015, we planted a church, and by 2017, we transitioned to full-time ministry. However, we kept fueling our mission through our business endeavors. This balance between business and ministry paved the way for ‘Take Ur Seat’ in 2018. A shared vision with the Obadja and Adidjaja families led to the birth of a unique and family-friendly restaurant where quality comfort food meets a welcoming atmosphere.

‘Take Ur Seat’ isn’t just a restaurant—it’s a labor of love, an extension of our family. We’ve poured our hearts into creating this space, personally crafting 80% of the décor in both our Chino Hills and Ontario locations. But our vision goes beyond these physical walls. We strive to empower those called to serve, nurturing businesses that aim not just for financial gains, but for making a lasting impact and transforming society. We’re delighted to have you as part of this journey. Here’s to the road ahead, filled with great food, genuine connections, and shared stories.

Executive Chef


Hey there, I’m Paul, but folks close to me call me “Aya”. I share a wonderful life with my wife, Emma, and our beautiful daughter, Aemelia. As one of five siblings, my family taught me the beauty of different ideas and tastes.

I’ve always loved food. To chase this dream, I studied at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Pasadena and graduated in 2007. The next three years, I worked in Italian, Chinese, and Indonesian restaurants. These experiences gave me a wide range of cooking skills.

From 2010 to 2018, I worked at “Los Olivos” in Cal Poly Pomona. Here, I cooked dishes from Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the US. But the best part was making people happy with my cooking.

Now, I’m excited about Take UR Seat. It’s here that I can use everything I’ve learned to create good food and good times for our customers, our family, and friends. We’re not just serving meals at Take UR Seat; we’re making memories. I can’t wait to serve you.

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