As far back as we could remember... there has always been something special about hangin’ out at the kitchen counter with family and friends. The amazing aroma from the stove, the laughters, and the fun—seemed to make the food taste even better. It has always been this way since we moved to America over 14 years ago. There were times when life wasn’t easy but we’ve always had one another. And together is a beautiful place to be.

We have always shared this experience with everyone that God has brought into our lives throughout the years. It was our dream to create a space where people get to enjoy family while having delicious food.

And now we want to invite y’all to come to the table and take-ur-seat.

15871 Pomona Rincon Rd. Suite 100
Chino Hills CA 91709

MON-SUN: 08:00 AM - 02:00 PM

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