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Meet my fam, we are Michael and Mira Obadja. Been happily married for 12 years. We have two wonderful children, our daughter Mika (11 years old) and our son Malakai (9 years old). So we are the M&M’s and the mini M&M’s. We have been serving at Abbalove Church as a part of the pastoral for a little over 12 years.

We believe hospitality is not just an industry—it is a lifestyle of love. And this is God’s heart in displaying His picture of family to the world. The dream of Take-Ur-Seat was born in our kitchen counter as countless friends, neighbors, strangers pulls up a chair, and they become family as we break bread together. We can’t wait to hang out with y’all.


Hi, my name is Herry and I’ve been married to my best friend, Deb, for 19 years now. We have 4 children, 3 girls and 1 boy. We are the Tarigans.

I graduated with an electrical engineer degree from Indonesia, however, since we were young, my wife and I have always been interested in start-ups. While we were still dating at the age of 23 and 18, we built 12 units of internet cafes. We left all of that behind when we migrated to the US in 2001.

After coming to the states, we decided to go back to school and pursued a career in the medical field. We graduated in 2010 and I became a Registered Nurse while my wife became a Licensed Vocational nurse.
As a side hustle, we started an Industrial equipment business, from 2008-present.

In 2009, we purchased our first house and since then, we have bought several houses to renovate, rent, and even dabbled in Airbnb.  We also do residential and commercial properties where we flip properties and lease them.

In 2015, we planted a church. In 2017, we left our nursing careers and answered God's call to minister full time while we continued building businesses that support the ministerial needs.

In 2018, together with the Obadja and Adidjaja families, we shared a vision together. In hopes of building a family friendly restaurant where people can feel at home and be served the best quality comfort food, Take Ur Seat was born.

To make the best of our investment, we took on a creative project and chose to DIY 80% of everything in Take Ur Seat Chino Hills. We did the same with our second location in Ontario, CA.

Our vision is to empower those who are called by God to serve through building businesses that goes beyond just making money. More than that, we are called to make an impact and transform society.



My name is Paul, but my family and friends call me, “Aya.” I came from a family of seven, I’m the 4th out of 5 kids, so I was almost the baby. I’ve always been passionate about food. So I pursued that dream and I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts at Pasadena in 2007. After graduation from 2007-2010, I worked at several different types of restaurants to build more experience specifically: Italian, Chinese, and Indonesian restaurant.


From 2010-2018, I had the privilege to cook at an international kitchen called, “Los Olibos” in Cal Poly Pomona. There I was able to expand my culinary creativity as I serve Asian cuisine, European Cuisine, Latin Cuisine, and of course, the good ol’ American cuisine. These are all great but what I enjoyed most is to bring smile and laughters for our family and friends over the kitchen counter. Which is why, I am grateful for every learning moments and Take UR Seat is the new chapter. I get to bring all my experiences so I can create new memories for new friends and family that God will bring through Take UR Seat. Can’t wait to serve you.

As far back as we could remember... there has always been something special about hangin’ out at the kitchen counter with family and friends. The amazing aroma from the stove, the laughters, and the fun—seemed to make the food taste even better. It has always been this way since we moved to America over 14 years ago. There were times when life wasn’t easy but we’ve always had one another. And together is a beautiful place to be.

We have always shared this experience with everyone that God has brought into our lives throughout the years. It was our dream to create a space where people get to enjoy family while having delicious food.

And now we want to invite y’all to come to the table and take-ur-seat.

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